Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dr. Fuhrman's Pixie Vites - Children's Multivitamin

We have just added the banner below for Dr. Fuhrman's New and Improved Pixie Vites!

Dr. Fuhrman’s Pixie Vites are a great-tasting, high quality, whole food-based, complete children’s multivitamin and mineral supplement. Even when parents provide healthful foods, children don’t always eat well-balanced meals. Pixie-Vites provide added insurance that children are getting the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthy. Pixie-Vites contain 30 whole food extracts including blueberry, broccoli, kale, and pomegranate, supplying a spectrum of nutrients in their natural setting.

Dr. Fuhrman’s newest formulation adds additional benefits to an already comprehensive children’s multivitamin and mineral: the new formulation contains real folate, rather than folic acid; plus there is no added sugar – fruit and vegetable concentrates alone provide a great wild berry flavor.

The composition of Pixie Vites reflects Dr. Fuhrman’s high standards for supplement safety and quality:

New! Real folate, not folic acid.
New! NO added sugar – kid-friendly wild berry flavor from fruit extracts, not sweeteners.
NO isolated vitamin A or beta carotene - natural carotenoids from whole food extracts
NO artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.
Each scoop contains 30 fruit & vegetable extracts.
Dissolves easily into food or drink
Free of common allergens (NO wheat, dairy, gluten, or soy)

Dr. Fuhrman's Pixie Vites - Children's Multivitamin and Mineral

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