Wednesday, 9 May 2012

TRIA Beauty - Light-Based Skincare

TRIA Beauty produces light-based skincare products that bring professional technology out of the doctor's clinic and into your home. This Light-based skincare is a revolutionary approach for developing clinicly proven efficacy that can free you from ineffective skincare regimens and harsh topical treatments.
Working closely with world-renowned dermatologists and surgeons to revolutionise at home skincare treatments, TRIA produce ground breaking, affordable devices, which are simple to use and FDA cleared, with proven results.

TRIA Beauty has these two products for sale:

TRIA Hair Removal Laser
The clinicly-proven TRIA Hair Removal Laser is the first and only cordless hair removal laser available for at-home use. The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is guarenteed to deliver permanent results and is easy to use. Unlike other at-home hair removal methods, the TRIA Hair Removal Laser uses the same technology used by professionals for in-clinic laser hair removal, for permanent results in the comfort and privacy of the home, at a fraction of the cost. See results with just 2 treatments; and imagine permanent freedom from endless shaving and waxing in as little as 6 months.
This product costs £349

TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light
The TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light is a simple to use hand held device, for use at home which treats the very source of acne - bacteria (P. acnes) living in the pores. When blue light strikes the acne bacteria cells it kills them, without adversly affecting the surrounding tissue. And when you eliminate acne-causing bacteria, you eliminate clogged pores, spots, pimples and breakouts to reveal clearer, smoother and healthier skin.
This product costs £199and requires refill treatment cartridges which can be bought separately or as part of the replenishment kit which includes the Skin Perfecting Foam Cleanser and the Skin Perfecting Serum.

£10 off the TRIA™ Hair Removal Laser using the discount code - TRIA10
Valid: Until the 31st May


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